Custom Services

Looking for a unique solid wood dining table, conference table or an impressive work desk? Look no further than a customized BN furniture! Our custom solid wood furniture is made from the finest solid wood. We always have high-quality and stable-performance wood materials such as North American black walnut, white wax wood, and white oak in stock. You can configure your personalized solid wood table according to your ideas and required dimensions, freely choose the type of wood, surface treatment, and beveled edges. We can also provide detailed drawings for your confirmation based on your requirements, and update you with photos of each step of the production process to ensure that the final product is exactly what you want.

During the production process, we will also take photos at each step to update you on the production progress, ensuring that the final product is exactly what you want.

Our custom service including

Dimensions customization: customizing the dimensions of the furniture is an important service in full solid wood customized furniture. Customers can provide different size requirements based on the intended use of the furniture and their actual needs, including length, width, height, etc. We can precisely cut and manufacture each furniture component based on the customer's requirements to ensure that each customized furniture perfectly fits their needs and space.

Materials customization

Solid wood is the main material used in full solid wood customized furniture, and different types of solid wood have different colors, textures, and performance characteristics. You can choose different solid wood materials based on your preferences and practical needs, such as oak, walnut, and ash.

Shape customization

The shape of full solid wood customized furniture can be customized based on the customer's design requirements and personal preferences. Customers can provide their own design drawings or simple hand-drawn sketches, or let our designers design based on their needs and intended use of the furniture.

Color customization

Customers can choose different colors and coating methods based on their design and style requirements. We can provide various colors of paint and oil, such as natural wood color, white, black, gray, and color. There are 12 colors ready for your choosing. At the same time, we can also provide different surface treatment methods, such as spraying, waxing, wood oiling, matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss, based on the customer's needs.

Edge customization

Edge customization is an important detail in furniture manufacturing, which can affect the appearance and performance of the furniture. We can choose different edge styles based on the customer's requirements, such as single panel, double panel, etc.

Tree edges can be either natural edges or straight edges. A desktop with a live edge is particularly suitable for a richly expressive, rustic look. These special solid wood desktops are absolutely eye-catching and bring a natural feel to the room with their unique appearance. Whether as a dining table, kitchen worktop, or unusual solid wood bar, they are all very classic. To create a custom desktop with a tree edge, the long edge is kept in the natural shape of the tree trunk. The beautiful texture and unique shape of the tree are preserved intact.

Table legs customization

We can provide different shapes, materials, heights, etc. of table legs based on the customer's design and requirements, such as solid wood, metal, round, square, high legs, and low legs. 

Solid wood and steel are timeless and modern designs. The combination of these materials is perfect for contemporary solid wood table designs. Therefore, in our product lineup, we offer a variety of custom-made tables with steel bases.

Solid wood and acrylic table legs are a popular combination that is highly favored by young people nowadays.


For individual requirements and configurations that cannot be set up in our catalog, please contact us. We specialize in customized products. We are happy to provide suggestions on the feasibility of your ideas and assist you in designing and creating your unique, tailor-made solid wood table!