Custom Made Solid Wood Table

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Update time : 2023-04-26 09:46:34
Looking for a unique solid wood dining table, conference table or an impressive work desk? Look no further than a customized BN table! We always have high-quality and stable-performance wood materials such as North American black walnut, white wax wood, and white oak available. You can configure your personalized solid wood table according to your ideas and required dimensions. You can design your personalized table, freely choose the type of wood, surface treatment, and beveled edges, and we will provide you with a detailed drawing to confirm your requirements. During the production process, we will also take photos at each step to update you on the production progress, ensuring that the final product is exactly what you want.
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Mar .28.2023
This year, our factory expanded, covering 15000 square meters now. We made a new showroom to put in our common furniture. There are 100+ unique and high quality furniture now, including solid wood dining table, chairs, sofa and bed. It will be much more convenient for our customers to choose models when they visited our factory.
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Solid Wood Made to Order with Custom Sizes, Colors, and Features! Solid Wood Made to Order with Custom Sizes, Colors, and Features!
Mar .11.2015
Two more containers of solid wood raw materials was imported from North America, which has been dried abroad. The raw materials will be put in our factory for 3 months to dry in the shade. Then we will craft unique and personalized furniture for our customers.